Anonymous whispered: I'm sad to see you leave but I can't stop you. Anyway good luck with everything I wish you a good day and wonderful life! You're a lovely person!

Thank you so much :)

bye bye tumblr

It’s been nearly three and a half years and now it’s time to end my journey here. I would like to thank all of you, every single follower (I am so glad that some of you decided to follow me even when I was only reblogging lately). I met incredible fans and amazing people.
I wish to you all the best!

FC Bayern München - Best of 2013UEFA Champions League


Für den Anon, fand das schön :)
von links: Mario Götze, Felix Götze, Vater, Fabian Götze, Mutter

1 year / 1 club / 5 titles {mia san mia}

Neymar vs. Thomas Müller


BAYERN MEME four brotps [1/4]

Philipp Lahm & Arjen Robben

We’re happy to be Club World Cup champions. It’s a fairytale ending, the well-earned reward for the excellent year we’ve had. It’s nearly impossible to play at the level we’ve done in this calendar year. After this win, we can go into a relaxing holiday with a clear conscience. —Thomas Müller

Interview mit Thomas Müller

Reporter: Was war das für ein Jahr für dich?
Thomas Müller: Es war vor allem ein Jahr der verlorenen Plätze. Der Philipp Lahm z.B. hat gerade seinen Platz an dich hier verloren.